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3D Designer at Idear Ideas
I'm Mònica Felici Llàcer, interior designer and infographer. I am currently dedicated to the realization of product renderings, mostly in the ceramic sector, in Idear Ideas, a communication and marketing agency located in Almassora.
I met Paula at 3D Comunicación, a computer graphics studio where we made product renders, bathroom furniture, shower trays, textiles, etc., mainly for product catalogs.
Our daily challenge was to meet the tastes and needs of the client with our renders, for this we maintained direct contact with our client to reach the expected end result.
Working with Paula was a very pleasant experience for me. She brought me freshness, know-how and above all, being up to date with the technical aspects of the programs. She helped me to understand the vital importance of being updated every day in our work.
Paula's renders are, by far, very detailed renders, she controls perfectly the textures and light, with a special taste to combine all the elements that make up the image.
Paula is a responsible and hard-working person who can be fully trusted to develop any kind of project.
3D Visualizer at 3DQ Studio
I am an architect specialized in architectural visualization. I coincided with Paula working in a 3d visualization studio. I worked with her for two years doing 3d projects both interior design and architecture.
In her way of working I would especially highlight her self-demanding to detail, always very concerned about the design and finish of the projects in which we intervened. She never stops documenting herself, always trying to be up to date on all design issues, which she always seeks to integrate into the projects she carries out. Paula always tries to bring to each project that point of detail, being very meticulous both in the finishing of her materials and in all kinds of decoration that enriches every image for the clients.
I would recommend Paula to any potential client, because she is a very responsible person with her work, she cares about getting the best solution for the design, and she gets completely involved with any project that is put in front of her trying to get the best out of herself.
roberto verdeguer capuz
3D Planing Technician at Cityscape Digital
I am Roberto Verdeguer Capuz, during the last year I have worked for Cityscape Digital as a 3d planing technician. The type of projects we do are for architecture studios that are in the planning or pre-planning phase are in the planning or pre-planning phase with some of their projects in London. Some of our clients are: AHMM, Allies & Morrison, Adjaye Associates, Bennetts Associates, Benoy, Buckley Gray Yeoman, Eric Parry Architects, EPR Architects, FCB Studios, Fletcher Priest Architects, Foster + Partners, Gensler, etc.
I met Paula during my studies of product design and later we made some collaborations in architectural visualization projects with clients in the UK.
In some cases there was the difficulty of working remotely and the management problems that this entails, which we overcame with the experience that Paula already had in similar situations.
Working with Paula gave me a much more global vision of the projects, also working with someone of her experience was very enriching both technically and professionally. What I liked most about the renderings she achieved for her clients is the level of realism. This, added to the level of detail, the high level of project management skills and experience.
I would recommend Paula because you would be in the hands of someone who not only has the talent and experience but you would be in the hands of someone who is passionate and lives what she does along with a high hard work ethic.
I would add that not only on a work level but on a personal level Paula has always been a pleasure to work with.
CG Artist at Kalopsia Studio
I'm Nando Carmona Flores, I have 5 years of experience as an archviz artist and I'm currently working at Kalopsia Visual Studio. We make infographics for companies in the ceramic sector, urban furniture companies for children and commercial companies of luxury bathrooms mainly.
I met Paula in a workshop of Adán Martín, one of the best trainers of this profession worldwide. A couple of years later we coincided as colleagues in 3DQ Studio Valencia, where we spent more than a year working side by side. We made renders for leading interior design companies such as: Rapt Studio, Meyer Davis, Rockwell Group, Avroko, Ken Fulk, among others.
Some of the obstacles we faced were time management, gathering resources, searching for interior design information, creativity/ingeniousness to solve different aspects of the project, etc. It is a bit difficult to evaluate, since in this profession, every project is totally different and constantly requires new solutions that many times there is no documentation or information to solve them.
The experience of working with Paula taught me the importance of order and being methodical, of paying attention to details, of constantly training in the field of architecture and interior design. The importance of the right mood to work in and the importance of companionship. Due to his knowledge and his constant documentation of interior design, he always gets the style requested by the environments right, choosing the right furniture, accessories and props to decorate the scenes.
Outside of the 3d field, Paula's potential client would receive unbeatable project advice, very competitive timings and total commitment. This is why I would recommend Paula. She is an experienced professional. Technically capable of carrying out any project. With a very good background in interior design, with great sensitivity and care in the smallest details and very committed to the job.
3D Generalist at Quatre Caps
I'm Carlos López, I'm a 3D Generalist and I'm currently working on archviz projects in Valencia. I have been working in the sector for more than 5 years, currently working for Quatre Caps studio.
I met Paula while I was studying a master of 3D Generalist in Malaga, we coincided in the school where we both attended a master, and later we worked together at Visualizers studio in Barcelona. There we had the opportunity to work for clients like Kettal (Living Timeless Furniture), Foster + Partners, Marset Lighting or Sabina Estates for example.
During the time we worked together we had to confront project organization problems since there were times when we had to manage several projects at the same time and thanks to Paula's management of the work teams we were able to deal with them all.
Working with Paula made me learn the importance of good planning and attention to detail. Undoubtedly this is what gives a plus of quality to her work. She made me realize how important it is to have a design culture to be able to understand well the projects of the clients and to know how to advise them when the occasion needs it. It is enviable the enthusiasm with which he faces the projects and especially the speed with which he is able to develop the work.
I would recommend clients to entrust Paula with their visualization, few professionals will match her render quality and attention to detail. Whether you need advice or guidance on the art direction of your images or you just want to faithfully reproduce your project, Paula is the right professional for you.

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