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Martian Coffee & Juice Bar


The human being has demonstrated, throughout the centuries, to have an incessant and iron willpower. Both to undertake great projects of social improvement, as well as the opposite. Even, it could be said, to destroy their own planet.

The next place, where an exploratory humanity could establish its domicile, is undoubtedly, a planet with similar characteristics to ours, but with interesting reddish tones.

In our vision of such an undertaking, we wanted to bring to this planet three lifestyles that represent us today, with a glimpse into our recent past.

They would accompany us then, recalling the digital and city life through the use of metals, cements, lilac tones and iridescent plastics, which contrast, in turn, with the reddish tones and dry plants that remind us somehow of our longed-for healthy lifestyle.

In this new home we wanted to represent our old streets through the large cement floors and large concrete pillars bringing sobriety to the space. To unite us with our new ecosystem, it is the same outdoor environment that flows into the space and merges with the room, through its floors in earth tones that delimit the space, creating more private areas. As a last element that characterized us in another time, golden metals come into play, an unmistakable symbol of sophistication and evolution.

As for the furniture, the era that we believe best helps us to represent our idea is undoubtedly the 20th Century with its recent retro airs, and the combination of Mid century-modern and Space age styles, combined in turn with some pieces at the forefront of design, in our view a past-future vision.

Our idea is to create a transgressive space where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch while imbued with an air reminiscent of other times in other places, but merging with the essence of the new home. It is in turn a plea for the greatness of another era with the hopes of the times to come.





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